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The Malaysia My Second Home program grants visa holders a renewable, ten year, multiple entry social visa pass. The following sets out the terms and conditions and other benefits for visa holders.


The MM2H program is open to all foreign citizens of countries recognised by Malaysia. Foreigners married to Malaysians are not eligible and are required to obtain a spouse permit.

All applicants are required to use the services of an approved government agent. Approved agents have the initials "MM2H" in the company name. The initial application can be made without even coming to Malaysia. Once the government issues its letter of "conditional approval" then the applicant will have to come to Malaysia to complete the remaining conditions.

Finance / Income
The government wants to see that applicants have a reasonable financial standing so they can fully support themselves in Malaysia. All applicants have to show they have the equivalent of RM10,000 a month income and sufficient assets that they can live comfortably in Malaysia. The application should be accompanied by documentary proof of the applicant's assets.

All applicants except those over 50 who receive a government pension over RM10,000 equivalent are
required to place Fixed Deposit in Malaysia. The amount depends on the applicant's age. If a married couple apply the oldest person's age decides the appropriate criteria.
Applicants aged below 50 years old:
Must open a fixed deposit account of RM300,000
Can withdraw up to RM240,000 for the purchase of house, medical insurance or children's education expenses after the deposit has been placed for one year.
Must maintain a minimum balance of RM60,000 from second year onwards and throughout stay in Malaysia under this program.

Applicants aged 50 years and above:
Have to place a fixed deposit account of RM150,000. (If they receive a government pension in excess of the equivalent of RM10,000 the requirement may be waived)
Can withdraw up to RM90,000 of the fixed deposit after one year to purchase of house, medical insurance or children's education expenses.
Must maintain a minimum balance of RM60,000 throughout their stay in Malaysia under this program.

It should be noted that the fixed deposit does not have to be placed until after the applicants has received a letter of "conditional approval". This letter sets out the steps that have to be completed before the visa is issued. This is usually placing the fixed deposit, having a medical examination in Malaysia and obtaining medical insurance if the applicant does not have valid medical coverage in Malaysia. Once these steps are completed the immigration department will stamp the visa in the passport.

All applicants require a sponsor and the MM2H agent is required to do this. There is no need for any additional payment for this service.

Insurance Coverage / Medical Report
Applicants must possess a medical insurance coverage from any insurance company that is valid in
Malaysia. This may be waived for older applicants who are denied coverage because of their age. All applicants are required to have a medical examination in Malaysia. Both these conditions are met after the letter of "conditional approval" is issued.

Applicants are allowed to bring along their dependants (children) either not schooling or are schooling in
primary, secondary or in any Institution of higher Learning. Dependants who are schooling are also required to apply for a Student Pass to continue their education in schools or Institutions of Higher Learning recognised by the government. Children have to be aged under 18 to be included under the MM2H visa program.

Successful applicants are bound by the policies, systems and regulations of taxes of this country however their overseas income will not be taxed in Malaysia.

Security Vetting
Approvals are given subject to security vetting clearance conducted by the Royal Malaysian Police.

Successful applicants are STRICTLY forbidden from the following:
Being employed anywhere in Malaysia unless approved by the government.
Participating in activities that can be considered as sensitive to the local people like political or missionary activities.


Ten Year Visa
Successful applicants will receive a ten year visa which allows them multiple entry and exit from the country. This visa will be renewed at the end of its validity.

House Purchase
Foreigners are allowed to purchase any number of residential houses valued at more than RM250,000.00 each. For this purpose, participants can apply for a bank loan in Malaysia. It should be noted that local banks will require evidence of ability to repay the loan and usually require repayment by the time the borrower reaches 60 or 65. It is possible for foreigners to buy freehold land in Malaysia. All property purchasers have to receive State approval, which can take up to six months to secure.

Car Purchase
A participant can choose to either import one car, which already belongs to him, from his country of
residence subject to approved permit (AP), which is exempted from payment of import duty, excise duty and sales tax OR purchase one locally made car in Malaysia free of any taxes. It should be noted that if you import a car it must have been owned by the applicant before the MM2H visa was approved as this is a privilege which allows people to bring in a car they already own.

Domestic Helper
Each participant is allowed to bring in one domestic helper. The maid should come from a country which has been approved by the government. This includes Philippines, Thailand or Indonesia

Overseas pensions and other income are not taxable in Malaysia. Interest on Fixed Deposits are free of tax providing the deposit is for a period longer than one year or less than RM100,000. Other income received in Malaysia will probably be taxable. There is no inheritance tax in Malaysia and no capital gains tax, even on property sales.

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